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No. Team Player Pos. Last team League Nationality
85. Colorado Gary Dillon C Toronto OMJHL Canada
86. St. Louis Mark Reeds RW Peterborough OMJHL Canada
87. Detroit Joe Paterson LW London OMJHL Canada
88. Washington Tim Tookey C Portland WHL Canada
89. Vancouver Dirk Graham RW Regina WHL Canada
90. Minnesota Jim Dobson RW Portland WHL Canada
91. Chicago Lowell Loveday D Kingston OMJHL Canada
92. Los Angeles Jim Brown D Notre Dame WCHA USA
93. Toronto Frank Nigro C London OMJHL Canada
94. Pittsburgh Nick Ricci G Niagara Falls OMJHL Canada
95. Buffalo Alan Haworth C Sherbrooke QMJHL Canada
96. Atlanta Brad Kempthorne C Brandon WHL Canada
97. N.Y. Rangers Dan Makuch RW Clarkson ECAC Canada
98. Philadelphia Thomas Eriksson D Stockholm Sweden Sweden
99. Boston Marco Baron G Montreal QMJHL Canada
100. Montreal Yvan Joly RW Ottawa OMJHL Canada
101. N.Y. Islanders Glen Duncan LW Toronto OMJHL Canada
102. Hartford Mark Renaud D Niagara Falls OMJHL Canada
103. Winnipeg Thomas Steen C Leksand Sweden Sweden
104. Quebec Pierre Lacroix D Trois-Rivieres QMJHL Canada
105. Edmonton Mike Toal C Portland WHL Canada

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Total Selected: 126
Forwards: 74
Defense: 41
Goaltenders: 11
Major Junior: 97
College Players: 15
Canadian: 109
Euro-Canadian: 1
USA Citizens: 10
U.S.-Born: 10
European: 6
Reached NHL: 103
Won Stanley Cup: 23
Hall of Fame: 3
All-Star Game: 23
Year-end All-Star: 10
Olympians: 15
Picks Traded: 17
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