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No. Team Player Pos. Last team League Nationality
1. Colorado Rob Ramage D Birmingham WHA Canada
2. St. Louis Perry Turnbull LW Portland WHL Canada
3. Detroit Mike Foligno RW Sudbury OMJHL Canada
4. Washington Mike Gartner RW Cincinnati WHA Canada
5. Vancouver Rick Vaive RW Birmingham WHA Canada
6. Minnesota Craig Hartsburg D Birmingham WHA Canada
7. Chicago Keith Brown D Portland WHL Canada
8. Boston Ray Bourque D Verdun QMJHL Canada
9. Toronto Laurie Boschman C Brandon WHL Canada
10. Minnesota Tom McCarthy LW Oshawa OMJHL Canada
11. Buffalo Mike Ramsey D Minnesota WCHA USA
12. Atlanta Paul Reinhart D Kitchener OMJHL Canada
13. N.Y. Rangers Doug Sulliman LW Kitchener OMJHL Canada
14. Philadelphia Brian Propp LW Brandon WHL Canada
15. Boston Brad McCrimmon D Brandon WHL Canada
16. Los Angeles Jay Wells D Kingston OMJHL Canada
17. N.Y. Islanders Duane Sutter RW Lethbridge WHL Canada
18. Hartford Ray Allison RW Brandon WHL Canada
19. Winnipeg Jimmy Mann RW Sherbrooke QMJHL Canada
20. Quebec Michel Goulet LW Birmingham WHA Canada
21. Edmonton Kevin Lowe D Quebec QMJHL Canada

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Total Selected: 126
Forwards: 74
Defense: 41
Goaltenders: 11
Major Junior: 97
College Players: 15
Canadian: 109
Euro-Canadian: 1
USA Citizens: 10
U.S.-Born: 10
European: 6
Reached NHL: 103
Won Stanley Cup: 23
Hall of Fame: 3
All-Star Game: 23
Year-end All-Star: 10
Olympians: 15
Picks Traded: 17
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