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Mark Messier
Selected in third round
No. 48 overall by Edmonton Oilers

Born January 18, 1961
Position: Left Wing / Center
Height: 6-1   Weight: 190
Last Team: Cincinnati (WHA)                             
Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Year TeamLeague GPG ATP PIM
1976-77 Spruce GroveAJHL 5727 3966 91
1977-78 St. AlbertAJHL 5425 4974 194
1978-79 St. AlbertAJHL 1715 1833 64
  IndianapolisWHA 50 00 0
  CincinnatiWHA 471 1011 58

Joined Portland for 1978 WCHL playoffs, scoring four goals and one assist in seven playoff games. ... Signed with Indianapolis (WHA) to five-game tryout contract as a 17-year-old on Nov. 5, 1978. The signing took place three days after Indianapolis had sold Wayne Gretzky to Edmonton. ... Was on Indianapolis (WHA) team that folded on Dec. 15, 1978. He signed with Cincinnati (WHA) as unrestricted free agent in January 1979. ... Played on line with Mike Gartner for Cincinnati during 1978-79 season.
Debut: October 10, 1979 (Edmonton at Chicago)
Numbers:  11 (Edmonton); 11 (N.Y. Rangers); 11 (Vancouver)
Stanley Cup: 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1994
Playing Status:
Retired September 12, 2005
YearsTeams GPG ATP PIM
1979-2004EDM, NYR, VAN 1,756694 1,1931,887 1,910
YearsTeams GPG ATP PIM
1980-1997Edmonton, NYR 236109 186295 244

Inducted 2007
Hart Trophy: 1989-90 (Edmonton), 1991-92 (N.Y. Rangers)
Lester B. Pearson Award: 1989-90 (Edmonton), 1991-92 (NYR)
Conn Smythe Trophy: 1984 (Edmonton)
Sporting News NHL Player of Year: 1989-90 (Edm.), 1991-92 (NYR)
Hockey News NHL Player of Year: 1989-90 (Edm.), 1991-92 (NYR)
NHL All-Star First Team: 1981-82, 1982-83, 1989-90 (Edmonton), 1991-92 (N.Y. Rangers)
NHL All-Star Second Team: 1983-84 (Edmonton)
Sporting News NHL All-Star First Team: 1981-82, 1982-83, 1989-90 (Edmonton), 1991-92 (N.Y. Rangers)
Sporting News NHL All-Star Second Team: 1986-87 (Edmonton)
Hockey News NHL All-Star First Team: 1989-90 (Edmonton)
All-Star Game: 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 (Edmonton), 1992, 1993 (injured, did not play), 1994, 1996, 1997 (N.Y. Rangers), 1998, 2000 (Vancouver), 2004 (N.Y. Rangers)
All-Star Game Eastern Conference Captain: 1994
Stanley Cup Finals (Lost): 1983 (Edmonton)
NHL Shooting Accuracy Champion (SuperSkills Winner): 1996
Edmonton Feldman Trophy (MVP): 1989-90
Edmonton Molson Cup (Three-Stars Leader): 1989-90
Edmonton Top Top Playoff Performer: 1984
Edmonton Most Popular Player: 1988-89, 1989-90, 1990-91
Edmonton Captain: Oct. 6, 1988, until Oct. 4, 1991
N.Y. Rangers MVP: 1991-92, 1995, 1995-96
N.Y. Rangers Players' Player Award: 1995-96
N.Y. Rangers Boucher Trophy (Most Popular): 1991-92, 1995, 1995-96, 1996-97
N.Y. Rangers McDonald Award (Extra Effort): 1995, 1995-96
N.Y. Rangers Good Guy Award: 1991-92
N.Y. Rangers Crumb Bum Award (Service to Local Kids): 1995
N.Y. Rangers Captain: Oct. 7, 1991, until July 28, 1997, and July 13, 2000, until July 1, 2003.
Vancouver Taylor Trophy (MVP): 1999-00
Vancouver Molson Cup (Three-Stars Leader): 1999-00
Vancouver Captain: Oct. 2, 1997, until July 13, 2000
NHL Records: Most career shorthanded playoff goals (14), most shorthanded goals in playoff game (2 for N.Y. Rangers vs. New Jersey on April 21, 1992, shares record), most career assists in the All-Star Game (14), most assists in one period of an All-Star Game (3 in 1983)
Edmonton Records: Most points in one season by a left wing (106 in 1982-83), most assists in one season by a left wing (64 in 1983-84), most assists in one period (4 vs. Minnesota on Jan. 4, 1984, shares record), most goals in one playoff game (4 vs. Calgary on April 14, 1983, shares record), most career shorthanded playoff goals (11)
N.Y. Rangers Records: Most assists by a center in a season (72 in 1991-92), most power-play goals, game (3 vs. New Jersey on March 22, 1992), most goals in a playoff year (12 in 1994), most shorthanded goals in one playoff game (2 vs. New Jersey on April 21, 1992)
100-Point Seasons: 1982-83 (Edmonton) (106), 1983-84 (Edmonton) (101), 1986-87 (Edmonton) (107), 1987-88 (Edmonton) (111), 1989-90 (Edmonton) (129), 1991-92 (N.Y. Rangers) (107)
50-Goal Seasons: 1981-82 (Edmonton) (50)
NHL Playoffs Points Leader: 1990 (Edmonton) (31 points, tie)
NHL Playoffs Assists Leader: 1990 (Edmonton) (22 assists)
Edmonton Points Leader: 1989-90 (129)
Edmonton Goals Leader: 1989-90 (45)
Edmonton Assists Leader: 1988-89 (61), 1989-90 (84), 1990-91 (52)
Edmonton Penalty-Minutes Leader: 1983-84 (165)
Edm. Playoffs Points Leader: 1980 (3, tie), 1989 (12), 1990 (31, tie)
Edmonton Playoffs Goals Leader: 1983 (15)
Edmonton Playoffs Assists Leader: 1989 (11), 1990 (22), 1991 (11)
N.Y. Rangers Points Leader: 1991-92 (107), 1992-93 (91), 1995 (53), 1995-96 (99)
N.Y. Rangers Goals Leader: 1995-96 (47), 1996-97 (36)
N.Y. Rangers Assists Leader: 1992-93 (66), 1995 (39)
N.Y. Rangers Playoffs Points Leader: 1996 (11)
N.Y. Rangers Playoffs Goals Leader: 1994 (12)
N.Y. Rangers Playoffs Assists Leader: 1995 (10), 1996 (7, tie)
N.Y. Rangers Playoffs Penalty-Minutes Leader: 1996 (16, tie)
Vancouver Assists Leader: 1998-99 (35)
Miscellaneous: Ranked by The Hockey News in 1997 as the 12th greatest NHL player of all time. ... His first NHL game was also first in history of Edmonton Oilers NHL franchise and first in Wayne Gretzky's NHL career. ... Missed part of 1981-82 season with ankle injury, suffered during Edmonton's Nov. 7, 1981, game at Chicago. ... Missed part of 1982-83 season with chipped bone in wrist, an injury suffered in March 1983. ... Hampered by shoulder injury during 1983 playoffs. ... Suspended one game by NHL during 1983-84 season for receiving three game-misconduct penalties during course of season. ...  Suspended six games by NHL during 1983-84 season for hitting Thomas Gradin over the helmet with his stick during Edmonton's Jan. 18, 1984, game vs. Vancouver. Gradin suffered a mild concussion. Messier was immediately suspended and sat out three games while awaiting the official NHL verdict, which tacked on an additional three games. He was permitted to play in the NHL All-Star Game on Jan. 31, 1984, and returned to action with Edmonton on Feb. 5, 1984, at Washington. ... Became a full-time center for Edmonton's Feb. 15, 1984, game vs. Winnipeg after having played left wing for the first four years of his NHL career. ... Missed part of 1984-85 season with sprained knee, an injury suffered during Edmonton's Nov. 4, 1984, game in Winnipeg. ... Suspended 10 games by NHL for cracking Jamie Macoun's cheekbone in a fight during Edmonton's Dec. 26, 1984, game at Calgary. Messier was retaliating for having been boarded by Macoun earlier in the game, but the NHL ruled that he had instigated the fight. The suspension was announced on Jan. 14, 1985, and Messier did not return to action until Edmonton's Feb. 6, 1985, game at Winnipeg. ... Became Edmonton assistant captain during 1985-86 season. ... Missed part of 1985-86 season with hairline fracture in left foot, an injury suffered during Edmonton's Dec. 3, 1985, game at Los Angeles. He did not return to action until Jan. 11, 1986. ... Named Edmonton Dodge Performer of Month for February 1988 and Performer of Week for week ending Nov. 29, 1987. ... Expressed anger at Edmonton's trading of Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles on Aug. 9, 1988. He threatened to protest the trade by playing in Europe during 1988-89 season, but finally reported to training camp on Sept. 8, 1988. Suspended six games by NHL during 1988-89 season for hitting Rich Sutter in mouth with a high stick during Edmonton's Oct. 23, 1988, game at Vancouver. Although Messier was not called for a penalty on the play, Sutter suffered four broken teeth, and the Canucks appealed to the NHL with videotaped replays to ensure that Messier would be suspended. A hearing was held on Oct. 27, 1988, and Messier was suspended on Nov. 1, 1988.... Missed parts of 1988-89 season with twisted left knee, an injury suffered during Edmonton's Jan. 28, 1989, game vs. Los Angeles, with strained right knee, an injury suffered during Edmonton's Feb. 3, 1989, game vs. Detroit, and with bruised left knee, an injury suffered when he was checked by Michel Petit during Edmonton's Feb. 12, 1989, game at N.Y. Rangers. ... Named NHL Player of Week for week of Jan. 28, 1990. ... Beat Ray Bourque by two votes to win 1989-90 Hart Trophy. ... Missed parts of 1990-91 season with torn ligaments in left knee, an injury suffered when Dave Lowry fell on him during Edmonton's Oct. 16, 1990, game at St. Louis, and re-aggravated during Edmonton's Dec. 12, 1990, game vs. Vancouver and again in a collision with Doug Gilmour during Edmonton's Dec. 22, 1990, game at Calgary. ... Missed part of 1990-91 season with broken left thumb, an injury suffered during Edmonton's Feb. 11, 1991, game vs. Pittsburgh. ... Missed part of 1992 playoffs with back injury. ... Missed part of 1992-93 season with sprained ligament in wrist, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Jan. 19, 1993, game at Detroit, and with strained rib cage muscle, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Feb. 27, 1993, game at Edmonton, and re-aggravated during N.Y. Rangers' March 11, 1993, game at Chicago. The injury kept him out of the 1993 NHL All-Star Game. ... Suspended without pay for three non-game, non-travel days and fined $500 by NHL for stick-swinging incident with Ulf Samuelsson during N.Y. Rangers' March 5, 1993, game vs. Pittsburgh. The suspension was announced on March 18, 1993, and began on March 25, 1993. Messier lost $25,545 in salary. ... Played his 1,000th NHL game on April 7, 1993 (N.Y. Rangers at New Jersey). ... Missed part of 1993-94 season with sprained wrist, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Dec. 22, 1993, game at Florida, and with bruised thigh, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' March 16, 1994, game vs. Hartford. ... Was first player in NHL history to be captain of two different teams that won Stanley Cup championships. ... Missed part of 1995 season with back spasms, suffered during N.Y. Rangers' April 30, 1995, game at Philadelphia. ... Missed part of 1995-96 season with bruised shoulder, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Feb. 27, 1996, game vs. Washington. ... Missed remainder of 1995-96 regular season with bruised ribs, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' April 4, 1996, game at Philadelphia. ... Assisted on Ray Bourque's game-winning goal in  NHL All-Star Game on Jan. 20, 1996, at Boston. ... Was finalist for 1995-96 Hart Trophy. ... Named NHL Player of Week for week ending Nov. 12, 1995. ... Named NHL Player of Month for December 1996. ... Suspended two games and fined $1,000 by NHL for hitting Mike Hough from behind during second period of N.Y. Rangers' Oct. 6, 1996, game vs. Florida. ... Missed parts of 1996-97 season with hyperextended left elbow, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Dec. 7, 1996, game at Toronto, with back spasms, suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Feb. 23, 1997, game at Philadelphia and with charley horse, suffered during N.Y. Rangers' March 27, 1997, game at New Jersey. ... Scored game-winning goal for North American All-Stars in 1998 NHL All-Star Game at Vancouver. ... Scored 600th NHL goal on Oct. 23, 1998 (Vancouver at Florida). ... Missed parts of 1998-99 season with concussion, an injury suffered during Vancouver's Dec. 22, 1998, game at Calgary, with sprained MCL in knee, an injury suffered during Vancouver's Feb. 11, 1999, game at Pittsburgh, and with groin injury, suffered during Vancouver's March 31, 1999, game vs. Toronto. ... Missed part of 1999-00 season with sprained MCL in knee, an injury suffered during Vancouver's Nov. 9, 1999, game vs. San Jose, and re-aggravated suffered during Vancouver's Dec. 29, 1999, game vs. Philadelphia. ... Missed parts of 2001-02 season with strained muscle in ribs, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Oct. 13, 2001, game at Ottawa, with back spasms and strained shoulder, injuries suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Dec. 6, 2001, game vs. Toronto and re-injured during N.Y. Rangers' Dec. 17, 2001, game vs. Florida, and with re-aggravation of shoulder injury, suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Jan. 2, 2002, game at Edmonton. ... Missed remainder of 2001-2 season with re-aggravation of shoulder injury, suffered during N.Y. Rangers' Feb. 13, 2002, game at Dallas. ... Passed Larry Murphy for second place on all-time NHL games-played list by playing in his 1,616th game on Nov. 3, 2002 (N.Y. Rangers at St. Louis). ... Traded by N.Y. Rangers to San Jose in exchange for future considerations on July 1, 2003, but never played for parent team since he became an unrestricted free agent. ... Signed with N.Y. Rangers for his 25th NHL season on Sept. 5, 2003. ... Passed Gordie Howe for second place on all-time NHL points list by recording his 1,851st point (a goal) during N.Y. Rangers' Nov. 4, 2003, game vs. Dallas. Only Wayne Gretzky had more points than Messier. ... Missed part of 2003-04 season with charley horse in left leg, an injury suffered when he collided with linesman Steve Miller with 1:10 to go in second period of N.Y. Rangers' Dec. 2, 2003, game at Toronto. ... Suspended two games by NHL during 2003-04 season for spearing Martin Strbak in N.Y. Rangers' March 21, 2004, game at Pittsburgh. ... Missed part of 2003-04 season with bruised elbow, an injury suffered during N.Y. Rangers' March 21, 2004, game at Pittsburgh. He did not return to action until N.Y. Rangers' March 31, 2004, game vs. Buffalo. ... Had his N.Y. Rangers' No. 11 jersey retired prior to N.Y. Rangers' Jan. 12, 2006, game vs. Edmonton.
Messier's First Holdout: Messier missed the first three weeks of Edmonton's 1987 training camp in a contract dispute with the Oilers front office. Although he was still under contract to Edmonton, Messier joined teammate Paul Coffey in announcing after the Canada Cup that they would not report to training camp until the final two years of their contracts were renegotiated. At first, it appeared his holdout would be short-lived, however. After visiting his brother Paul in West Germany, Messier met with Edmonton general manager and coach Glen Sather and got assurances that he said made it possible for him to return on Sept. 25, 1987. Messier and his father Doug, who was serving as his agent, changed their minds once it came time to report, and Messier insisted he would not return without a renegotiated contract. One day before the start of the 1987-88 season, Messier and the Oilers announced they had a new six-year deal that nearly doubled Messier's 1987-88 salary to more than $600,000. Messier played in the season opener but did not officially sign a new contract until September 1988.
Messier Leaves Edmonton: Messier's more than 12 years with the Edmonton Oilers came to a bitter end when he was traded to N.Y. Rangers on Oct. 4, 1991. Considerable drama led up to the deal that literally stripped the Oilers of their heart and soul. The dispute dated back to the summer of 1990, when Messier and his agent-father Doug were rebuffed on their bid to renegotiate Messier's 1990-91 contract, despite the fact that Messier still owed two seasons to Edmonton. Doug Messier insisted on guarantees that Mark would be the NHL's third-highest paid player, but Edmonton general manager Glen Sather would not make such a promise. This stirred talk of a trade, including a rumor that Sather had told Doug Messier to find the best deal possible during the 1990-91 season. Prior to the 1991 Canada Cup tournament, in August 1991, Edmonton offered Messier a renegotiated deal of $10 million over five years, but during the Canada Cup tournament in late August 1991, Messier publicly declared he'd had enough with the Edmonton organization and requested a trade, saying he had likely played his last game for the Oilers. Teammates rallied in support of Messier, but the stalemate with Sather was too much to overcome. Messier said he did not believe the Oilers were committed to winning anymore, and he would not play for a team that wasn't competing for the Stanley Cup. The drama finally ended on the day of the Oilers' 1991-92 season-opener when Messier was dealt to the Rangers, who had opened their 1991-92 season the previous night.
Messier's 1994 Playoff Effort: Messier forever secured his place in New York hockey history in 1994, when he led the Rangers to their first Stanley Cup in 54 years. Messier's leadership was dramatic. Although he scored the Stanley Cup-clinching goal at 13:29 of the second period during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals series vs. Vancouver, his greatest moment came in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals on May 25, 1994, at New Jersey. The Rangers entered Game 6 trailing the series 3-2 and were in danger of being eliminated. Messier guaranteed the Rangers would win that game, and he came through with a natural hat trick in the third period of a dramatic 4-2 Rangers victory. Messier also had an assist in the game.
Post-Draft Teams: Houston (CHL)
NHL-USSR Rendez-vous Series: 1987
Canada Cup: 1984 (first place), 1987 (first place), 1991 (first place)
World Cup of Hockey: 1996 (second place)
World Championships: 1989 (silver medal)
Management Career:
Founded Tampa Bay franchise in Roller Hockey International League and owned it for its lone season in 1994
Miscellaneous: Was MVP of Game 1 of 1987 Rendez-vous series. ... Charged with hit-and-run and careless driving for a Sept. 6, 1985, incident in which he left the scene of an accident in his Porsche. Edmonton police said Messier crossed the center line of the road at 1 a.m. and hit three other cars. Police said Messier left the scene of the accident, but reported his role in the collision three hours later. He paid $325 in fines. .. Was Canada's alternate captain in 1996 World Cup of Hockey. ... Was active in charitable causes during his playing days in Edmonton, including work as honorary co-chairman of Alberta Lung Association and Christmas Seals Campaign. ... Ran clothing business with his family during his playing days in Edmonton. ... Founded Messier Management International with his brother Paul and sister Mary Kay. ... Appeared on Late Night With David Letterman in December 1991, the first of many U.S. TV talk show appearances. ... Was active in charitable causes in New York, including work with the homeless and the Hockey in Harlem program. ... Established the Mark Messier Point Club to benefit the Tomorrow's Children's Fund while playing for N.Y. Rangers in 1993. ... Won 1995 ESPY Awards for Outstanding Pro Hockey Performer and Outstanding Performance Under Pressure. ... Paired with PGA Tour player Richard Zokal to win Greater Vancouver Open NHL/NBA Pro-Am golf tournament in 1997. ... Established Mess' Catch Classic to help raise money for Canuck Place Children's Hospital in 1998. ... A rink in St. Albert, Alberta, was named Mark Messier Arena in his honor.
Personal: Nicknamed "Moose" and "Mess." ... Full name is Mark John Douglas Messier. ... Younger brother of former NHL player Paul Messier. ... Son of former minor-league player and coach Doug Messier. ... Second cousin of former NHL players Joby Messier and Mitch Messier. ... Brother-in-law of former NHL player John Blum.
TRADE: Edmonton traded Messier and future considerations to N.Y. Rangers in exchange for Bernie Nicholls, Steven Rice and Louie DeBrusk on October 4, 1991. The future considerations were fulfilled when Edmonton sent Jeff Beukeboom to N.Y. Rangers in exchange for David Shaw on November 12, 1991.

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