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Gilbert Perreault

Canadian, born November 13, 1950, in Victoriaville, Quebec

Draft Year 1970 Draft Round: 1 Position:C
Selected by: Buffalo Overall Pick: 1 Age:19

Drafted off roster of Montreal Junior Canadiens (OHA)
Won Memorial Cup with Montreal in 1969. ... Named to OHA All-Star First Team with Montreal in 1968-69. ... Won Memorial Cup as Montreal captain in 1970. ... Won OHA's Red Tilson Trophy as MVP in 1969-70. • FULL PROFILE

Gilbert Perreault
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Whatever Happened to ...
Dave Schultz
Dave Schultz
The man known as "The Hammer" during his playing days was feared throughout the NHL. He went on to become a coach and a business executive, based in the Philadelphia area, where he earned fame as a Flyers enforcer. He even has his own website for fans to visit. • PROFILE
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