NHL Draft Day NHL Draft Day NHL Draft Day

Very Deep Draft Pool in 2018

THE ROAD TO DALLAS will be a long and exciting one for the 217 players set to hear their names called at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft.

So just who are these hundreds of young men, ages 17 and 18, whose make-or-break draft year could give them an opportunity to play in hockey's greatest league? They come from all over the world, but they share the same goal -- to impress the scouts in what may be the most important year of their lives.

This site exists to help hockey fans learn more about the players on the cusp of NHL careers. The Top 62 candidates are now ranked here, and the rankings will change during the season as the hopefuls raise or lower their stock.

Stick with this site, and by the time June arrives, you'll know a little something about everyone.


 Player of the Month

SvechnikovYou just can't say enough good things about Andrei Svechnikov. If he goes No. 2 in June behind Rasmus Dahlin, he might become the greatest consolation prize in NHL Entry Draft history. The Russian star could easily be playing in the NHL now.

2018 Draft Prospects

2018 NHL Entry DraftThe 2018 NHL Entry Draft in Dallas already promises to be one for the record books. There is an undeniable abundance of talent in the 2018 pool, particularly when it comes to elite Europeans. Check out more than 300 prospect profiles here, and look for many more to come in the months leading up to next June.

Daily Prospect Updates

Rasmus DahlinDuring the 2017-18 season, this site will track daily top performances of players eligible for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. Rasmus Dahlin is just one of nearly 400 already on our radar, but only the day's best will be listed. Follow HDC on Twitter to be notified when new updates are posted.

Let Me Do Research for You

Research, Baby!It's never good to claim a fact that isn't a fact. Unfortunately, even great journalists can make this mistake with regard to hockey history. I committed to my draft research decades ago, and I have built an extensive library of reference materials. If you are working on a research project that requires the highest degree of accuracy, my services are available. E-mail me at dan@hockeydraftcentral.com