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Frantisek Musil
Selected in second round
No. 38 overall by Minnesota North Stars

Born December 17, 1964
Position: Defense
Height: 6-3   Weight: 205
Last Team: Pardubice (Czechoslovakia)              
Birthplace: Pardubice, Czechoslovakia
Hometown: Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic
Year TeamLeague GPG ATP PIM
1980-81 PardubiceCzech. 20 00 0
1981-82 PardubiceCzech. 351 34 34
1982-83 PardubiceCzech. 331 23 44

World Championships:
1983 (silver medal)
World Junior Championships: 1982 (silver), 1983 (silver)
European Junior Championships: 1981 (silver), 1982 (silver)
Debut: October 11, 1986 (Minnesota at Quebec)
Numbers:  6 (Minnesota); 3 (Calgary); 3 (Ottawa); 8 (Edmonton)
Stanley Cup: Never won.  Playing Status: Retired 2001
Years TeamsGP GA TPPIM
1986-2001Minnesota, Calgary,
Ottawa, Edmonton
797 34106 1401,241
YearsTeams GPG ATP PIM
1989-1999 MIN, CGY, EDM42 24 647

Minnesota KMSP-TV Trophy (Community Service):
Minnesota Emery Edge Award (+/- Leader): 1987-88 (minus-2)
1990-91: Played eight regular-season games for Minnesota team that went to Stanley Cup Finals, but was traded away before postseason.
Scouting Career: Named Edmonton amateur scout, specializing in Czech and Slovak prospects, prior to 2001-02 season and remained in that position through 2006-07 season.
Miscellaneous: Missed part of 1986-87 season with separated shoulder, suffered in Minnesota's Dec. 9, 1986, game vs. Edmonton. He did not return to action until Minnesota's Dec. 18, 1986, game at Toronto. ... Missed part of 1988-89 season with broken foot, suffered during Minnesota's Dec. 17, 1988, game vs. Los Angeles. He did not return until Minnesota's Feb. 4, 1989, game at Quebec. ... Missed parts of 1988-89 season with mild concussion, an injury suffered when he was checked by Daryl Stanley during Minnesota's Feb. 9, 1989, game vs. Vancouver, and with strained lower back muscles, an injury suffered during warm-ups before Minnesota's Feb. 18, 1989, game vs. Hartford. ... Missed part of 1989-90 season with back spasms, an injury suffered during Minnesota's Oct. 31, 1989, game vs. Toronto. He did not return to action until Minnesota's Nov. 24, 1989, game vs. New Jersey. ... Missed remainder of 1989-90 regular season and start of 1990 playoffs with bruised foot, an injury suffered during Minnesota's March 31, 1990, game at St. Louis. He did not return to action until Game 4 of Minnesota's first-round playoff series vs. Chicago on April 10, 1990. ... Missed part of 1990-91 season with shoulder injury, suffered during Calgary's Feb. 23, 1991, game vs. Quebec. ... Missed part of 1992-93 season with back spasms, an injury suffered during Calgary's Nov. 8, 1992, game at Quebec. ... Missed part of 1993-94 season with strained neck, an injury suffered during Calgary's Dec. 28, 1993, game at San Jose. He did not return to action until Calgary's Jan. 7, 1994, game at N.Y. Islanders. ... Missed part of 1993-94 season with hyper-extended elbow, an injury suffered during Calgary's March 22, 1994, game vs. N.Y. Rangers. He did not return to action until Calgary's April 6, 1994, game vs. Anaheim. ... Finished fourth in NHL with plus-38 rating in 1993-94. ... Led Calgary with a plus-38 rating in 1993-94. ... Missed parts of 1995 season with bruised right knee, an injury suffered during Calgary's Jan. 24, 1995, game vs. St. Louis, with sprained right knee, an injury suffered during Calgary's Feb. 9, 1995, game vs. Anaheim, and with back spasms, an injury suffered during Calgary's Feb. 26, 1995, game at Anaheim. ... Missed part of 1995 season with sprained right knee, suffered in Calgary's April 7, 1995, game vs. Los Angeles. He did not return to action until Calgary's April 24, 1995, game at Anaheim. ... Missed part of 1995-96 season with concussion, an injury suffered in Ottawa's Oct. 22, 1995, game at N.Y. Rangers. ... Missed part of 1995-96 season with lacerated neck, an injury suffered when he was cut by Antti Tormanen's skate during Ottawa's Jan. 18, 1996. The gash, which just missed an artery, required 22-stiches to close, and Musil did not return to action until Ottawa's Feb. 1, 1996, game vs. Washington. ... Missed part of 1995-96 season with bruised right foot, an injury suffered during Ottawa's Feb. 3, 1996, game vs. New Jersey. He did not return until Ottawa's Feb. 22, 1996, game at Dallas. ... Missed part of 1998 playoffs with concussion, suffered during Game 6 of Edmonton's first-round series vs. Colorado on May 2, 1998. ... Was Edmonton's nominee for 1998-99 Masterton Trophy. ... Missed entire 1999-00 season with spinal cord injury, suffered when he fell head-first into the boards during Edmonton's practice on Oct. 2, 1999. ... Missed remainder of 2000-01 season with nerve damage in neck and arm, suffered in Edmonton's Jan. 5, 2001, game at Chicago. The injury ended his career.
Post-Draft Teams: Pardubice, Jihlava (Czechoslovakia); Saxonia (Germany); Prague Sparta (Czech Republic); Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic); Detroit, Indianapolis (IHL)
Canada Cup: 1984 (fifth place), 1991 (sixth place)
World Championships: 1985 (gold medal), 1986 (fifth), 1991 (sixth), 1992 (bronze medal), 1994 (Czech Rep.) (seventh), 2006 (silver medal) (as assistant coach), 2007 (seventh) (as assistant coach)
World Junior Championships: 1984 (bronze medal)
Czechoslovakia Championship:
1985 (Jihlava)
World Championships All-Star First Team: 1992
World Junior Championships All-Star First Team: 1984
Czechoslovakian Canada Cup Captain: 1991
Miscellaneous: Played in Czech Republic and Germany during 1994-95 NHL lockout. ... Sold cars during off-seasons of early playing days in Minnesota. ... Worked for a company in High River, Alberta, during off-seasons of his playing days in Calgary. ... Came out of retirement to play two games for Jihlava (Czech Republic) during 2001-02 season.
Personal: Nicknamed "Frank." ... Also known as Frank Musil during his playing days. ... Husband of former pro tennis player Andrea Holikova. ... Brother-in-law of NHL player Bobby Holik.
Musil's Defection: Minnesota gambled when it drafted Musil in 1983 because he would not be allowed to leave Czechoslovakia without permission from the Czech authorities -- permission that was unlikely to be granted from the Iron Curtain nation. However, three years later the North Stars' gamble paid off when Musil defected from his home country and arrived in Minnesota on July 18, 1986. Musil's journey to freedom began on July 15, 1986, while he was on vacation with his girlfriend at a resort in Yugoslavia. On that day, he left his girlfriend behind at the hotel to join Minnesota general manager Lou Nanne and Edmonton-based player agent Rich Winter, who had played the key role in coordinating Musil's defection. Musil got into a car with Nanne and Winter, and the trio began to look for way out of Yugoslavia. It took them two days, but they were able to get Musil through the border by using a temporary American work visa, thereby duping guards who did not know Musil's true identity as a hockey star. On July 17, 1986, the three men flew to London and then to New York on the Concorde. Shortly before midnight on July 17, carrying only a small bag with some of his possessions, Musil made it to Minnesota. He had managed to get out of Czechoslovakia without telling his family or girlfriend of his plans to defect. He had secretly studied English to prepare for the defection and had even refused to sign a five-year contract with the Czechoslovakian national team in the spring of 1986, because the contract would have required that he promise not to defect. Despite having done this, the Czechs were still willing to give him the holiday visa to go to Yugoslavia. Musil was never officially considered a defector by the U.S. government because he had come to the United States on a work permit rather than as an individual seeking political asylum. In fact, the North Stars had spent three years arranging for Musil's legal entry into the United States. In addition, Musil completed the last of his military obligations in June 1986 so that he could never be considered an army deserter and so that he would be eligible for legal holiday visas. Nevertheless, the Czechs still viewed him as a defector, and Musil knew he could not return to the Communist country until he had gained U.S. citizenship. This became a moot point seven years later when the Communist regime collapsed, however he had already returned by then, making a trip back in 1991.
TRADE: Minnesota traded Musil to Calgary in exchange for Brian Glynn on October 26, 1990.

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