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I DON'T REMEMBER HOW I first became interested in player development and the NHL Entry Draft.

Perhaps it was in early 1982, when I purchased my first copy of The Hockey News.

In high school at the time, I was really becoming more and more interested in hockey, and making a weekly 25-block trek through Manhattan to the closest newsstand that sold THN soon became a ritual.

That year, 1982, was also the moment that legendary hockey journalist and broadcaster Bob McKenzie began his nine-year run as editor of THN. McKenzie, who had covered junior hockey in Sault Ste. Marie before taking his editor’s job, and he had an obvious passion for both the CHL and the draft. It also helped that McKenzie took the THN reins just two years before Mario Lemieux’s draft year...


 Player of the Month

SvechnikovThe 2018 NHL Entry Draft is a year away, but it's well worth waiting for remarkable Russian Andrei Svechnikov. The winger has dominated at every level, and made a seamless USHL transiton. A huge star in international play, he may be a No. 1 pick.

Follow the 2017 Draft

2017 NHL Entry DraftThe 2017 NHL Entry Draft begins tonight in Chicago. Get a feel for the draft class with a comprehensive look at top prospects. You'll find photos, video clips, links to news stories, and much more for 500-plus players. Bookmark the page, because profiles will be updated as you can follow the draft right here.

NCAA Recruiting History

Mike AntonovichThis guy here is Mike Antonovich, one of the first players recruited by the University of Minnesota after freshmen were allowed to play varsity. In an effort to expand this site's scope, NCAA recruiting history will be added, beginning with the Gophers' recruits since 1969. Look for new schools in future months.

Let Me Do the Research for You

Research, Baby!I own a lot of hockey publications, spanning the past 50 years, and I have access to many newspapers online. If you are working on a big research project, my services are available. E-mail me at dan@hockeydraftcentral.com.